The Blind Fish (Neriak)

Bull’s Pit (Neriak)

Crow’s Pub & Casino (Qeynos)

Fish’s Ale (Qeynos)

Golden Rooster (Highpass Hold)

Grub n Grog Tavern (East Freeport)

Lion’s Mane Inn (Qeynos)

The Lumberyard (Highpass Hold)

Slug’s Tavern (Neriak)

Tassel’s Tavern (North Freeport)

Tiger’s Roar(Highpass Hold)

Hogcaller’s Inn (West Freeport)

Trader’s Holiday (East Freeport)

Velithe & Bardo’s Imported Goods (East Freeport)

Chops N Hops (East Freeport)

Seafarer’s Roost (East Freeport)

Slan ODonner’s (East Freeport)

More content coming soon…

Until then visit my Taverns page on the Project 1999 wiki for a more up to date list.




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