Spreading The Wealth

So now that my collection, stowed in the bank, has a decent layer of dust settled on it, I’ve started to consider making some better use out of it. As a level 40 druid feeling a bit lazy on the leveling front, I’ve taken a liking to just helping others and interacting with the folk of Norrath. Porting people is an activity I enjoy doing for fun, and have made it even more entertaining to myself and my riders by handing out many of my rare booze. I never request money and will very often port for free, but a good tipper will always get a really good brew in return.  Many non-tippers and CR goers also receive some drink if their demeanor is right.
To make things even more interesting, I try to be deliberate about giving people a type of drink that will remind them of their homeland.  Iksars always get Cabilis Pale Ale, folk from the far east get Faydwer Shaker or perhaps Tunare’s Finest, while half-men of my kin will be pleased to receive a handful of Lendel’s Grand Lager.

Some are easier to provide for than others, such as the Barbarians whose Halas Heater requires quite a bit of prep work. No worry though, that is all part of the fun! This brings me to my current task: Creating a nice batch of Halas Heater!  Spider Legs are easily found by checking a few local Misty Thicket traders, but Vegetables (for Vodka) are, surprisingly, a bit harder to come by. Once I have gathered enough, I shall head up to Halas to create the drinks in name of the Northmen!

Future quests: Finally get that elusive Cyclops Skull for some more Skull Ale.

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