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Velious Brewing

At last! Ever since the boats started traveling to Velious I’ve kept a growing list of all the cool new stuff I need to add to my collection. I’ve been busy gathering ingredients and brewing supplies for an extensive selection … Continue reading

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Blackburrow Swig

Finally collected enough bleep’n Blackburrow Gnoll Skins to create some Blackburrow Swig.  I’m excited about this one.  The collection would not be complete without it… Good thing I have an extra Blackburrow Cask too, as this one was used up … Continue reading


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Stormguard Root Beer

Discovering this recipe is the most bitter-sweet recipe I’ve come across.  All this time I’ve been discrading all my foraged Roots when I could of been saving them and brewing Stormguard Root Beer… I must have destroyed/dropped hundreds of roots … Continue reading

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Some Oddities

Once again I found myself back in Rivervale.  To celebrate that, I thought it might be nice to brew some JumJum Spiced Beer!  I was so excited that I went and grabbed multiple stacks of each ingredient.  I tossed them … Continue reading

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Spirits of Short Folks

Vodka in hand, I departed Halas and headed East. Far east.  Arriving in Kaladim, I got to work brewing a few rarities first prepared by the half-men of Norrath. Vodka combined with berries, spices, and a shotglass gives you Halfling … Continue reading

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Northwestern Antonica

After a couple of lengthy skill grind sessions, I decided to change things up a bit and go on an adventure.  I’ve heard of many brews found in the Western regions of Antonica, so I decided to head over and … Continue reading

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Felwithe Vineyards

Tonight has been quite the brewing adventure. I began by picking up some grapes in Felwithe and brewing some Red Wine to further build my skills.  On my way into town, I picked up some Morning Dew with the assistance … Continue reading

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Brew of The East

Shortly after finishing the Egg Nog XXX, I became bored and decided to use some of my Elven Wine reserves to create some Faydwer Porter. It’s unfortunate I’ve already used up (or drank?) my stock of Red Wine from North … Continue reading

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Drunken Bird Egg Nog

Not unlike the Caynar Nut Brown Ale, this Egg Nog XXX requires some foraging.  This time in Butcherblock Mountains for Aviak Eggs.  It is also a three part brew.  First, you must bottle milk and malt to make Malted Milk, … Continue reading

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Brown Nuts

So after the last posting I spent a good hour and a half foraging in Toxxiula Forest and only turned up ONE Bag of Caynar Nuts.  Nevertheless, I went ahead and brewed it into Caynar Nut Brown Ale.  The one bag … Continue reading

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