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Finer Spirits of Faydwer

Now that my skill has surpassed that of 150, the drinks are getting a little more…gourmet.  Many of the recipes to come require very specialized ingredients, which does not make them good for skilling.  So i’ve taken some time to … Continue reading

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Vegetable Woes & A Fierce Brew

Interesting night tonight.  To raise my skill from 100 to 122 I decided to brew Brandy again.  After quickly consuming my foraged Vegetables, I set out to find some more.  I located a recipe that claims a Turnip, Carrot, and … Continue reading

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Felwithe Vineyards

Tonight has been quite the brewing adventure. I began by picking up some grapes in Felwithe and brewing some Red Wine to further build my skills.  On my way into town, I picked up some Morning Dew with the assistance … Continue reading

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Training in Kunark

In effort to increase my brewing skill from 68 to 92 as well as refreash my wine stock, I spent some time brewing some White and Red wines in Firiona Vie tonight.   During my quest for Caynar nuts and Aviak … Continue reading

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