Velious Brewing

At last! Ever since the boats started traveling to Velious I’ve kept a growing list of all the cool new stuff I need to add to my collection. I’ve been busy gathering ingredients and brewing supplies for an extensive selection of new drinks, and with a Cobalt Scar key finally in hand I was able to knock a few of them out. A huge thank you to Hobban of Blood Guard for helping Alefia and I out to get the key. Easy access to Cobalt Scar and Wakening Lands will also open up some other excellent opportunities for the collection which I’ll be covering soon enough.

These first few brews are thanks to the otter race of Velious, the Othmirs. When they’re not busy collecting fish, casting shaman buffs, or presumably defending their clam-shell built camps from the wyverns, they’re doing what’s truly important: brewing beer. The ingredients used in their drinks are unique and only available here directly from the source.

Made up of Azure Algae, Ochre Algae, and some Brackish Water scooped from the ocean, Brackish Othmir Ale is born.

Similar, yet different, is Othmir Algae Ale. Also made with Azure and Ochre Algae, just swap the Brackish Water for some White Algae and ferment it in a cask. I imagine the White Algae gives this one a hazier conditioning quality and perhaps some creamier notes on the palate.

The third drink in this Othmir trilogy is Othmir Short Beer. The algae requirements are the same as the Ale variant, but this one is aged in bottles rather than a cask. This no doubt makes for a more carbonated drink with a frothy head.

The usefulness of Othmir algae has not gone overlooked by the Coldain dwarves, who’ve utilized it it to craft their very own Coldain Heater. Combine some Brown Algae with Allspice and a bit of water will offer a nice sipping tonic with a real kick to it.

That does it for the Velious specialty drinks, for now, but there are a few more I’m currently working on. Tainted Avalanche Ale is a big one, but that’ll be a very long term goal as it’s difficult for me to access the various mobs who drop necessary ingredients. I am working on leveling my brewing skill to the necessary level of 248 in the meantime, however. I’m also currently gathering supplies for the more achievable Capt. Nalot’s Triple Strength Rum quest.

I’ve recently brewed a few other new drinks as well however. I either missed these during my initial gathering back in 2012 or they’ve been added to the server since.

Armadillo Simmer Ale, for example, I knew existed back then but heard it was broken. I more recently read it’s now fixed, but after an hour or so of hunting armadillos in North Ro with only 1 ingredient drop, I still began to wonder. A few days later during a trip to Oggok, however, I finally got the armadillo ingredients to add a couple of these Ales to the collection! On a side note, Ogre Swill is one of my favorite drinks and am happy to see it used in this recipe. I wish the armadillo husks were easier to come by, as I’d love to brew this in larger quantities.

I’m not exactly sure what the story is behind these next two porters in terms of when they became available. Whatever the case, I definitely overlooked them during my initial round of brewing.

Red Porter is pretty straight forward, requiring just four bottles of Red Wine dumped into a cask for a new take on this classic staple.

A step up from there you have Ro Porter, a well balanced blend of the world renowned Elven Wine.

After a trip to the farms in Kaladim, I was finally able to make a couple of drinks that had previously eluded my collection. The dark roasted malts and pitched mushrooms give Underfoot Brown the deep earthy flavors that suit it’s name.

Thurbs Darkened Ale is a cask fermented beer utilizing both yeast as well as A Strange Dark Fungus. The combination of that and the malted barely make quite the unique brew.

And so there we have it. The first batch of Velious era drinks have been brewed (along with a few others). There are a number of other things I need to collect still, both from Velious and also a few classic items I would love to get my hands on for the collection.

Here’s a snapshot of this batch:

And here’s a recap of the rest of the original collection:

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  1. Great stuff guys! -Laaksonen, 60 Necromancer of Gnome

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