Drunken Bird Egg Nog

Not unlike the Caynar Nut Brown Ale, this Egg Nog XXX requires some foraging.  This time in Butcherblock Mountains for Aviak Eggs.  It is also a three part brew.  First, you must bottle milk and malt to make Malted Milk, of course.  From there, mix two Aviak Eggs and Spices with the Malted Milk to create a bottle of Egg Nog:

Once you have the Egg Nog, the real fun begins!  Just toss some Brandy into a bottle 50/50 with the Egg Nog and there you have it: Egg Nog XXX.

Fortunately in this expedition I am not going for quantity, so I will not be producing any further Egg Nog XXX for now.  At least this recipe produces two servings.

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