Hello Norrath!

After having completed my tour of every tavern and brewery in the lands, I’ve decided to further my experience and knowledge of Norrath’s drinkability by collecting every brew and spirit known to exist.

In addition to collecting brews sold accross the land, I’m also questing, foraging, and brewing those which cannot be bought.  During my initial journey through the pubs, I picked up a book called Brewer’s Limericks.  It contains the recipes of four traditional brews that require deciphering of riddles!

After succesfully deciphering the book’s pages, I’ve kickstarted my brewing skill level to that of 48.  In doing so, I’ve produced 20 Short Beers, 24 Short Ales,  34 Meads, and 1 Ogre Swill.  For future reference, the mention of “Froglok” in the fourth recipe is referring to Froglok Meat.   I had previously attempted and failed, to brew with the blood of a Froglok instead.

I became anxious to move on to something more substancial.  Through word of mouth I learned of two more books which I hoped would further my studies.   Clug of Oggok is said to of wrote “Barkeeps Compendium” though it is held by one Gregor Nasin in East Freeport. He will only hand over the book if you deliver him a satchel of requested items.

The other, titled Garsen’s Brewing List, is attainable in Halas at McQuaid’s Bar & Stout for a similar ransom.  Luck would have it, both books require work done in north western Antonica.  Here is my backpack in Everfrost after collecting items for both Garsen’s and Clug’s books.

Unfortunately, Garsen’s brew book turns out to be no more than a list of brews.  I was hoping for recipes, but at least it leads me in the right direction.

And what is even MORE unfortunate, when I returned to East Freeport’s Seafearer’s Roast, Gregor decided not to play fairly and “magically sealed” the Barkeeper’s Compendium, only to be opened by Clug himself.  So much for that.  I guess I’ll be paying a visit to Clug one day.

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