Ales & Porters

After the rather unproductive conclusion of last night’s chapter of brewing, I decided to try making a little more use out of tonight.

First brewing some Ale to get warmed up, I became annoyed with purchasing oodles of Casks before moving on to something more stackable.  I recycled my Red Wine from East Freeport and Gypsy Wine from East Freeport, turning both into Porters.  Just dump 4 bottles of the stuff into a Cask – can’t get much simpler than that.  I ended up with a good deal of empty bottles, so perhaps I’ll be brewing some wine soon.  I’ll need to either do that at least to replace them in my collection.

I was fumbling through the bags in my bank when I discovered a stack of Royal Jelly Alefia and I collected just outside Felwithe during our bar crawl!  Mixing it with water and hops, I created Honey Mead.  I believe this to be my first “special” brew, for it’s region-centric ingredient. Exciting stuff.

I used some of my leftover bottles to create some Fish Wine.  I never was a fan of this stuff, but it brought my skill to level 68.

The other spirits listed in Garsen’s book include Vodka, Halfling Stouters, Halas Heater, Hulgarsh, and Bleeding Brain.  Interesting stuff here. I look forward to discovering these recipes.

For now, I have heard it would be wise to collect Bags of Caynar Nuts from Toxxiula Forest.  So I think I’ll get to gathering some of those until I run out of time tonight.

Here’s the collection I made out with tonight.  Not bad if I say so myself.

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