Felwithe Vineyards

Tonight has been quite the brewing adventure.

I began by picking up some grapes in Felwithe and brewing some Red Wine to further build my skills.  On my way into town, I picked up some Morning Dew with the assistance of Alefia.   Once my skills were to a suitable level, I attempted creating some Elven Wine.  I also collaborated with some locals to help gather additional Berries and Morning Dew.

Once I finished the Wine making, my skills began to exceed that of which brewing wine would be useful to me.  So I left Felwithe and traveled to my home-town of Rivervale. There, I used some of my fresh Red Wine to distil some Brandy!

In my travels this evening, I checked merchants and looted various mobs along the way to gather ingredients for Gnomeish Spirits.

When I went to stash my new creations in the bank, I noticed I had 4 Froglok Meats.  I also have a backpack full of brewing ingredients, and also realized my stock of Ogre Swill was dangerously low, coincidently.  So I brewed 4 pints!

Before the nights end, I ventured with Alefia through Kaladim and onto Freeport, where we discovered a quite peculiar drink neither of us had seen before. Boot Beer!  I look forward to brewing some of this myself one day.

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