Vegetable Woes & A Fierce Brew

Interesting night tonight.  To raise my skill from 100 to 122 I decided to brew Brandy again.  After quickly consuming my foraged Vegetables, I set out to find some more.  I located a recipe that claims a Turnip, Carrot, and Lettus could create 1x Vegetables. However, after scratching my head for a bit, this was found to be incorrect (non-classic).  Major bummer.

So I spent a bit of time in the commons foraging and buying from other foragers, and ended up gathering enough to make 5 stacks of Brandy.  Still though, my skill only got as high as 115.  I decided the quest for Vegetables was not worth it for simple skilling, so decided to change gears a bit.

Ol’Tijum’s Fierce Brew requires quite a few ingredients but all can be bought from the same merchant in Fools Gold.  Hops, Malt, Yeast, Barley, and a Cask.  Casks are annoying because they cannot stack, but in the end it was worth it when my skill hit 128 in a fraction of time!  I am also happy to realize that Ol’Tijum’s  comes as a new addition to my collection.

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