Some Oddities

Once again I found myself back in Rivervale.  To celebrate that, I thought it might be nice to brew some JumJum Spiced Beer!  I was so excited that I went and grabbed multiple stacks of each ingredient.  I tossed them all in the Cask and then: FAILURE!  This recipe is not currently brewable, protected by some magical Classic force…

Anyway, my spirits were lifted when I checked the bank and found the backpack of lizard tails that Alefia and I collected!  Tail Kicker Lager:

While I was stomping around Rivervale, I noticed a young halfling happened to have a Fire Beetle Eye.  It reminded me of a particularly strange recipe I had caught wind of, so I paid the guy 2pp for his eye and created some Bleeding Brain:

At this point in time, I started to feel the pressure of needing higher skillz.  Impatiently, I looked around for anything within arms reach, which is when I spotted the Fishing Bait.  Wouldn’t these can of worms be so delicious if only it was spiked with a bit of Vodka?  And then Hulgarsh was born:

My Vodka stock was quickly depleeted, but I did have Vegetables remaining.  I cooked up a couple batches of Ginesh to further improve my skill:

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