Kunark Lewt

A day trip to Kunark has proved valuable!

Before even departing, Alefia and I stumbled upon a pub in East Freeport which we were previouslu un-aware of.  Tucked in a corner beside the Inn at the south gate, Grub ‘n Grog Tavern appears less than inviting and filled with corrupt Militia filth.  Yet it is the only place you will find a nice cold Freeport Stout.

Anyway, the Kunark trip took us through Field of Bone and Swamp of No Hope.  In exchange for a healthy dose of buffs, I set the locals there on the lookout for Deadbone Barley.  Finally one came through with it, and after 30 minutes of foraging I settled for the single sack.

Flask of Bloodwater was next on the agenda, which I was half expecting to also rely on some local assistance (considering your typical Iksar’s opinion of the Halfling race).  However to my surprise, once I was able to get past the patroling guards, all the merchants were more than happy to offer me their goods.  Being shacked up in those ruins it’s no surprise they are probably hurting for business.  Anyway, I found an ample supply of Bloodwater Flasks, which meant it was time to head over to Swamp of No Hope.

This is where things get interesting. One would think that a swamp would be filled with giant swamp leeches, and you’d figure each would come with a healthy supply of blood sacs.  WRONG.  It took nearly 20 kills with only a SINGLE return before we got fed up.

At that point I had all the ingredients I’d need for a Legion lager. We turned to head out when suddenly an Iksar guard, his pale, and his pet skeleton suddenly show up out of the dark and lay into us.  We go running for our lives and I am able to clear the area in time, however my ally Alefia was not so fortunate.  So after another 30 minutes of zig-zagging through the northern side of the swamp we finally locate his corpse and port back to mainland.  So yeah that put a damper on the adventure.

Oh and I also got a stack of Earthworm Munch!

Arriving back in Rivervale, I open my bag and remember the other goodies I found in Kunark.  The merchants of Cabilis offered me their very own Cabilis Pale Ale, as well as a rather interesting Bladder of Lizard Milk…weird.  I also foraged some Flarefire Seeds and a couple of Muckskippers which looked useful.  Only time will tell.

So all in all at the end of the day, three new brews added to the collection:

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