Oh Schnapp!

This marks the longest most tiresome brew batch yet.  These two drinks require very rare forage-only ingredients that ended up  taking a cumulative total of about 6 hours to gather.

After spending multiple forage sessions in Emerald Jungle, I finally located just TWO Emerald Oranges required for Emerald Orange Schnapps:

Once I finally finished that, it was on to Lesser Faydark to find some Sylvan Berries.  Right about now is when I caved and decided I was fed up with foraging for now.  I paid some local folk to collect the berries for me, and I was able to make some Faydwer Schnapps:

Did I ever expect it to be so monotonous?  Never.  But was it worth it in the end? Absolutely!  I am two steps closer to having a full collection.  Plus considering the rarity of these Oranges, I think you’d be hard pressed to find anybody else who has brewed these drinks!

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