The Final Stretch…

Norrath is a finite world, so unfortunately that means there is a finite number of recipes to be made.  As my brew skill surpasses 180, I find myself rounding the final bend.

This stinky thing is one drink I have had my eye on for a while but lacked the necessary skill.  After many skunks were slain in Toxxulia Forest, I combined their scent glands with some Short Beer and Gnomish spirits to create Skunk Breath Ale:

I needed to get my skill up, and for a change of pace from the Faydwer Shaker I brewed a few batches of Minotaur Hero’s Brew.  This is without a doubt the fullest I have seen the Brew Barrel get:

Can you say Malty?  Although the ingredients are all store bought, the quantity of them makes it quite the annoying drink to brew.  I do however see many skilling sessions with this one ahead of me, as it is one of the highest level drinks to be made…

This next one is a bit more interesting if you ask me.  Especially considering how odd it is that Ice of Velious exists to commonly in the driest of places on Antonica & Kunark. Nevertheless, an excellent brew for a nice chill is the Frothy Frostbite:

All along I have been collecting other spirits of Norrath that are not necessary re-creatable, and I also keep an eye out for any brew related items.  Somebody in East Commonlands was auctioning a Blackburrow Cask, so I picked it up for just 10 plat!

There are still more brews to come, but they are both rare and possibly not even accessable under the current terms of Project 1999.  Much research and testing will need to be done, but hopefully there will be more updates sooner than later.  In the mean time, time will also be spent filling in the gaps in the Wiki with the information that I have learned and shared here.

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