Northwestern Antonica

After a couple of lengthy skill grind sessions, I decided to change things up a bit and go on an adventure.  I’ve heard of many brews found in the Western regions of Antonica, so I decided to head over and check it out.

While meandering through the Karanas, I happened upon some Black Burrow Stout sold by a local innkeep.  At first glance it looks like many other similar Ales, but on closer inspection I realize it is infact the first of its kind in my collection!

I happened upon a farm in West Karana where some interesting things were being sold.  I noticed some Generic Coffee Beans in the lot, and in the spirit of brewing and trying new things, I decided to pick them up.  The price a bit heftier than I expected, but I was excited about the possibilities.

While passing through Blackburrow, I decided to stop and have a look around for some Gnoll Skins which could be combined with my fresh batch of Ol’Tujims Fierce Brew to create some Blackburrow Swig.  However after a lengthy hunt, I ended up leaving empty handed and disappointed.  It is more difficult to locate the skins than I ever would have expected.

Moving on, I finally arrived in Halas.  Along the way I had gathered Vegetables, and the local Barbarians were able to supply the rest of the ingredients for a healthy batch of Vodka.  It will be needed many future recipes.

Not long after my Vodka had been completed, I dipped into the stock to brew some Halas Heater in spirit of the North!

Right about now is when the cold chill of the north begins to set in, so what better time to use those Generic Coffee Beans to brew up some coffee?  However I soon realized that now is apparently not the time.  It may be cold up here in Halas, but it requires Velious temperatures to unlock the creation of coffee using these beans.

So in the end I departed with three new spirits in my collection, and a sack of useless Coffee Beans.  Perhaps some more research will turn up an alternative use for them.

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