Spirits of Short Folks

Vodka in hand, I departed Halas and headed East. Far east.  Arriving in Kaladim, I got to work brewing a few rarities first prepared by the half-men of Norrath.

Vodka combined with berries, spices, and a shotglass gives you Halfling Stouters!

Double up on some Dwarven Ale and Short Beer in a Cask and you come up with 2x Brewed 2x Stout Dwarven Ale:

And finally, I had been saving my sole Kiola Nut for a special occasion.  I think now is a good time to use it.  Just drop it in with some water and voila: Tumpy Tonic!

Just to round off this collection, I killed a rat for it’s ears and used my spare Spider Legs leftover from Halas Heater to include a Gnomish Spirit.

And here is the complete collection of short folk spirits!

Just when the brews were a flowin and times were a marry: DISASTER! I go to stash my new brews in the bank and three angry dwarves pulled their daggers on me.  Just 4 swift stabs took me down before I even knew what was happening.

Also, I seem to have ate my Bag of Brown Caynar Nuts I was saving for some more Caynar Nut Brown Ale.

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